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Statement On Conduct In Supporters Section

We want to make a few things clear.

No sexist, racist, mysogynistc, or homophobic language or behavior is welcome in our section. Ever. We can’t even believe we have to say this.

We’re aware of some incidents that happened in a recent match and were made aware of some past incidents. We’ve dealt directly with those individuals, but we want to make this crystal clear for everyone.

It doesn’t matter who you are talking to. Each other. An opposing player. A referee. That language or behavior doesn’t belong. Period. And frankly if that’s who you are, you don’t belong either.

For those who will make excuses that this is some politically correct reaction, let us make something else clear. This isn’t about being “PC”. This is about being baseline decent human beings. And making it safe for people to be part of what we do.

Additionally, we 100% stand behind our players using their platform to speak up for racial injustice and police brutality. Our goal is to be an inclusive supporter section that passionately stands behind the men and women that wear our crest. These are our players using their voices. This is our club trying to make positive change in our community. They play for us and we stand for them.

Here are a couple of things we want to put into place starting now:

  • If you’ve been treated inappropriately and want to be able to talk anonymously, we are setting up a place at where you can report issues that happen in our section. All messages will be sent to and reviewed by a panel of three supporters on the board, so that messages can’t be deleted or buried by a single individual

  • Ralph’s Mob and Skyway Casuals will work together to revise the current Ralph’s Mob Code of Respect to make sure we are creating the environment we want to create

We’ve got a ton of great supporters for our club – don’t let people’s bad actions speak for us. Because they don’t. Be a good human. Show respect for our players, our community, and each other.

It’s our section. We need to take care of it, so nobody else has to. We all have a responsibility for calling it out, for each other, and making sure it has no home here.

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