About Ralph's Mob

Established in 2010, Ralph's Mob is the original independent supporters group of the Tampa Bay Rowdies.  If you've been to a Rowdies Game, you've seen and heard us in the stands, waving flags, surrounded by smoke, standing and singing the entire match.

Our goals are shared and simple.  To join arms with love for the Rowdies and enjoy our Mob community.  To have fun at the matches – regardless of the outcome.  And to keep the energy and atmosphere going strong for 90 full minutes.

Everyone is welcome.

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Ralph's mob charities

Ralph's Mob Charities is the separately financed 501(c)(3) charitable arm of Ralph's Mob.  We pride ourselves on taking an active role in promoting charities and organizations that help local youth, worthy causes, and those in need.


Whether through donations to local organizations, various food and charitable drives, or our ongoing partnership with #GoldTogether to fight against pediatric cancer, we look to create a positive impact in the Tampa Bay area in and outside of the season.

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Current Ralph's mob Board Members

Aron Retkes

Chief Executive Officer

Mike Pendleton

Chief Financial Officer

Twitter: @phat7deuce

Guillermo Perez

Music Director

Laura Spencer

Art Director


Gameday Operations Director

Jackie June

At-Large Board Member


Membership & Merchandise Director

Jonathan Silva

Chief Operations Officer

Twitter: @RowdieJon 

George Retkes

Tifo Director

Twitter: @gretkes

Jonathan Silva

Ralph's Mob Charities Director

Twitter: @RowdieJon 

JD Willett

Comms & Multimedia Director

Twitter: @MomSaysImUltra

Mat McGee

At-Large Board Member

Mitchell Lauster

At-Large Board Member