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2022 Membership Packages – Now Available for Preorder!

We are excited to announce that our 2022 Membership Packages are now available for preorder in our online store!

While you don't need a membership to be part of the Mob (anyone who wants to be part of the Mob can be part of the Mob), we sell memberships to help to fund all of our activities throughout the year including: creating tifo, banners and flags; maintaining drums and equipment; and putting on events/coordinating travel. Purchasing a Ralph’s Mob Membership also provides certain benefits each season like being able to vote and run for Board Positions and At-Large Board Member roles.

2022 Membership Packages

Like in past years we have multiple tiers to choose from – featuring our 2022 Member Scarf, Member Shirt, Ralph's Mob Beach Towel, and Mob Sunglasses. While all items are available individually, the"Beach Mob Package" provides the biggest discount on items bundled together.

This year's scarf contest winner was submitted by Jonathan Silva and Mike Pendleton and is heavily inspired by the surrealist art of our next door neighbors at the Dali Museum in St. Petersburg.

Our 2022 Member T-shirt, designed by George Retkes, is a call out to our chant "Sing a Song for Tampa Bay" ("sing a song", "raise your hands", "clap your hands", etc.).

Our "Beach Mob Package" contains two additional items for laying out by the water – our Ralph's Mob Sunglasses and Beach Towel, designed by Laura Spencer.


IMPORTANT! Preorder Timelines!

If you want to GUARANTEE you get your hands on a t-shirt OR are looking at one of the combination packages, be sure to get your preorder in by Thursday, February 24th. We will be ordering extra t-shirts, but those sizes will be first come, first serve and may sell out prior to the home opener if you don't preorder in the initial window.


Note on Shipping vs. Pickup

IMPORTANT: To avoid shipping charges, be sure to select "pickup" under fulfillment method on the CART screen of the online store. Pickup and shipping orders will both be available at the same time, estimated to be around the regular season home opener (Saturday, March 19th). We are aiming to have everything ready on time, as usual, but COVID could impact manufacturing and shipping timelines. If things are delayed, we'll be sure to communicate along the way.


International Sales

For international orders, please e-mail to coordinate payment and delivery.

Click on the header image above (or visit our online store) to place your order. secure your preorder today!

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