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Announcing a new way to stay connected - The Ralph's Mob Discord Server

Looking forward to the 2020 season, we are excited about many things happening with the team and for the Mob. One of the things we have wanted to improve is our ability to communicate as a community, both about the Rowdies and about Mob specific things, among other conversation. So, in the spirit of this, we are happy to announce we have an official Discord server!

What is Discord?

Discord is a chatroom application that allows communities to communicate via text and voice chat.

How to use our Discord?

If you don’t already have a discord account, you can click or tap this link ( and create an account. While this is for the mob, the invite is still public so think of the platform like Twitter or Reddit, where you may not want to use your real name as your username. Once you finish making your account, you will see the server. On the left side will be the list of channels for different conversation (i.e. “general chat”, “rowdies-talk”, “game-chat” etc), and when you click on a channel you will be able to see other people talking about the topic at hand.

You will be able to access discord in a web browser, on PC or Mac, or even on iPhone and Android with their official apps.

We hope that this new way of connecting Mobsters, and Rowdies fans as a whole, allow us to keep the friendships and conversation flowing outside of gamedays, and as the community grows, we will find new ways to make it useful to us.

Public invite link:

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