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Cup Final Pride Fundraiser!

Pride is an important part of the culture of Tampa Bay. For the last couple of years in June we've participated in Prideraiser to raise money for local LGBTQ+ causes. The challenges of 2020 suspended our Prideraiser event for the year, but we still wanted to support the cause with our trip to the USL Championship Cup Final.

All donations here will be collected with 100% of funds going to Tampa Bay's own Metro Inclusive Health. Established in 1993, Metro Inclusive Health is a 501(c)(3) organization committed to providing quality health and wellness services that are inclusive, relevant, supportive and represent the lifetime continuum of the diverse people in our community.

This fundraising drive will run from Monday, October 26th through our championship week, ending on Saturday, November 11th.

All donations of any amount are appreciated!

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