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Introducing The Ralph's Mob 10th Season Jersey

Once you get to 10 years, you have to do something special, right?

Each year when we begin to plan out merchandise and memberships for the season, we try to think hard about what kind of gear Mobsters might really want. For the last couple of seasons, we've wanted to do a jersey, but it never came together the way we wanted to. When the time came around to do something for our upcoming 10th season together, we knew we wanted it to be memorable.

Ten years is a big deal. A really big deal. Despite bouncing around different leagues and different owners, we're the constant – we're still here. From the crew who started the Mob and gutted it out with hopes that the Rowdies would be back and here for good, to those who might have just joined in the last few seasons – ten years is due to all of us who show up every Saturday night. In that time we've put another star on the crest, seen legends ply their trade on our home ground, and watched our family grow and evolve.

So, how do you commemorate something like that? We thought the best way was to take a piece of each one of the seasons leading up to this point and try to knit those together into one concept. And that's what became our 10th Season Jersey.

Ten Years, Piece-by-Piece

The 10th Season Jersey is made up of every Ralph's Mob member scarf since the beginning of the Mob. Each alternating black and green hoop shows off one of those scarves (in order), with the flip-side in the same placement on back. The sleeve features our 10th Anniversary emblem (which you'll see on some other items this season).

10th Season Jersey, Front and Back

Okay, how do I get one?

Pre-orders will launch with other merchandise and membership items starting on Monday, January 14. This jersey will be available by pre-order only! Check back here early next week for all the details.

Thanks for a great 10 years and COYR!

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