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Want To Join the Board? We're Looking for a Few Good People!

Looking for a way to get more involved with Ralph’s Mob? Our Ralph’s Mob Board meets every month and is responsible for planning and scheduling the various activities we do over the course of the year, while also being good stewards of our financials and our organization.

Most all of our board positions are technical – leading efforts like tifo, music, or creative. But we wanted to find a way for those who want to pitch in and learn more about how we organize what we do.

As a result, we’ve created three new “At-Large Board Member” positions. These positions will give an opportunity for people who want to step into the organizing part of the group.

All board members, including the new “At-Large” members are responsible for attending all board meetings (monthly) and volunteering at various events throughout the year, so interested individuals need to be sure they can commit to that.

The process

If you're interested in being an “At-Large Board Member”, here is the nomination and selection process:

  • Interested individuals need to send an email to by February 28th, with a quick 2-3 sentence note on why you are interested (be sure it’s something you would want others to read who might want to vote for you!)

  • Elections via online poll, will be sent to all Mob Members to vote on their top 3 selections. Voting will conclude on March 7.

  • Terms for “At-Large” Board Members are one-year, so new elections will occur each year, but interested members can run multiple years in a row.

If you have any questions, hit us on social media or e-mail!

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